Happy to live …Live to be happy!

It gets kinda confusing doesn’t it?
Which comes first?
Was watching the making of an imax movie featuring Dame D. Sheldrick,  and she says that elephants need to be happy to live,  and the care givers do all they can to provide that happiness!

Being human sucks! When did anyone last go out of their way to make you happy?
When did you last make some one happy,  without having ulterior motives,  no strings attached etc???

Our constant drive to surround  ourselves with money,  material possessions and career achievements is all pointless.
They won’t matter in the post apocalypse era. Which is where we are heading and fast.

When and if reincarnation happens,  I want to come back as an elephant …heck! Am large and heavy enough now to qualify … 🙂

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4 Replies to “Happy to live …Live to be happy!”

  1. The difference between us and elephants is that we don’t really have to wait for someone else to make us happy. We have that ability to do it ourselves and to go looking for it. We also know what it is we want…you know.

    But an elephant, jeez! That’ll be pretty challenging, you don’t want to get around with ease…lol


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