DR to EX R

This week i have the opportunity of  adding a pre owned Honda XR650L to my list of bikes owned 🙂

Mind you i still have my Suzuki DR650 ! I have been racking my brain on how to justify such an expensive outlay on a bike almost similar to one i already have.

Honda XR650L

But truth be told the XR650L is a beast , it has quick throttle response and just feels more like a dirt bike,  a 4 inch taller seat height of  the two, more suspension travel and the most power.

Am 5’10 and the XR is so tall i can hardly touch toes of one foot to the ground , frankly  i cant handle the height.  While the stock L exhaust pipe makes it sound like how dirt bikes should. This bike is bullet proof , and with one or two cosmetic after market upgrades , its simply awesome.


Yet this feels so wrong ,  like am being unfaithful  , so quick to move on to a faster , more powerful make and model , without a thought to spare for loyal DR?

Question to self , do i really need the XR ? No , not really  , the DR will do just fine. But it needs to be reliable and not quit on me without notice. Two problems plague the DR , of which one maybe a temporary problem.

Popping of the engine sprocket seal , i inherited this problem , the previous owner was daft and unhelpful  kind enough not to  have informed me. I have tried several solutions to no avail , this weekend i will try routing the engine breather tube (as detailed in the owners manual) to the air-box and put a new seal just a mm thicker . Crossing my fingers I pray this works.

Second is the battery issue and i suspect the battery i had was faulty from the manufacture , to replace that ASAP.

With this sorted and if it hacks a trip to Nyeri and back then the DR will stay .  And as an alternative to the XR650L and in addition to the DR,   i will shop for a new cheaper every day commuter bike and i have my eye on this .

Apache 160 RTR

What do you think?


6 Replies to “DR to EX R”

    1. Hey Nyambura, thank you for stopping by. Will return the favor. The Apache is at best a nice looking mid size commuter bike. I ll soon do a post on the Suzuki boulevard cruiser, sold new by a local dealer. now that’s a beast.


  1. Change is wierd like that, take your time to ease in. The best way is to count the sentimental value plus the cost and the benefit. I love DR cos she’s your old gal and fall back plan. Let XR be the new ma’am but she should know she’s not here to stay


    1. @vivacioushy ,I have owned 9 bikes and counting. Clearly sentiments don’t count for much with me where bikes are concerned. What I want is reliability, performance, fuel economy and easy on the wallet. And that ain’t easy to come by.


  2. I’m not good in bikes but both DR and XR looks great judging from the pictures but ultimately it will boil down on which one feels more comfortable and right for you. like a glove fits to a hand. If your gut tells you this is the one I wanna spend my days of thrill and adventure. then she’s the one!


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