Her Me!

When will I find her me?

She mirrors my smile , my heart , my all.
Crazy to love , worth risking the fall.

My equal , my peer , my friend , my dear .
My mansion, my hut, my car, my bike.
My cares are blessed,the Lord provides.

My days are filled , my dreams have life. 
My cats delight for play she is right.

My first child, a girl, like dad in light!
My mum reborn,  her name lives on.

My wishes, my tears ,my lips to God’s ears.
Her name, her me, she is all I hold dear.

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5 Replies to “Her Me!”

  1. “My cares are blessed,the Lord provides.” Every part of the poem is beautiful but this caught my attention the most. It shows you reliance in God’s power in your life and it is a rare virtue to find. The Lord does provides in mysterious ways, when you think you lost everything or have nothing, he gives a blessings more than your hands can hold or carry. I wish I had the gift of poetry but since I don’t, I have this blog to read upon. okay, words seems to be rhyming all of the sudden unless my mind is clouded because it’s 04:50 a.m. and It’s been a long 12 hour graveyard shift. The influence of words are amazing. I guess that’s what happens when the Lord truly provides.


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