Knot so Random

I got tagged , yeah! I was catching up with my blog roll , the bloggers i follow and read are simply awesome, and as i read Kawi’s blog , found she had tagged me on a chain post . Thank you Kawi i will try my best to honor it..

Trying to come up with 7 Random facts about me that i have never said out loud tied me up in knots.

1. I love cats , i have 2 male brown/red Maine moon cats DMH, 1 male white/black spots Chartreux Cat DSH , 1 female white/brown spots Manx cat DSH. And 3 kittens which i will give out when weaned. They all have cattitude and rule the house.

2. I can chart life lines , tell your destiny in cards and read palms. But i only do this as amusing par lour games and ice breakers coz i have been called a sorcerer once or twice smh.

3. I give a lot , at times to my detriment , blame my mum for her generous loving heart. This got my pal to give me a must read book on Boundaries (When to say yes , How to say no).

4. I have been in numerous street fights , got the scars , stab wounds and war stories to prove this. Most been sports related , usually sour losers in hockey , football and basket ball .

5. I love prayer , it refreshes and rejuvenates , but at times i shy away from praying for people who need it , especially in public …working on this though.

6. I fall in love easily , so i have learnt to guard my heart. And most times i appear belligerent and  hard core , but in truth am like an eclair , hard on the outside , soft and sweet in the inside.

7. When/if dating , my cats constitute part of my dating criteria . If she doesn’t like cats or / and my cats don’t take to her , its pretty much a dud. No wonder  my relationships are far and few in between 😦

Knot so random eh?

And i hereby tag the rest of my blogging pals Kawi may have left out.

Savvy Kenya , urbane kenyan , Shiko Msa , BintiM , return of  thought

And to use words from coloured in sepia ,

please link to those blogs..they have amazing posts and also to Coloured in Sepia (linked at the beginning above) do your own post and put a link in the comments..


14 Replies to “Knot so Random”

  1. What an amazing guy. I don’t see a lot of those anymore. Brave, strong but has the heart to give. Whoever you fall in love with would be so lucky and I’m not talking about the awesome bikes. Stay cool always, the world needs more men like you.


  2. I have always wanted to have my palm read, that is very cool!!!! Where did you learn to do that?
    Cats are awesome 🙂
    Why don’t you like praying for people who need it in public? You can pray for them by heart in public, or you also do not like doing that? #justasking


    1. I learnt the palm reading among other fortune telling skills in Rajasthan India , home of the original gypsies. On prayer in public, its the words that fail me . A hurdle I ll get over soon.


  3. It’s official. This shrinkish stuff on your blog hates me. I’ve been commenting since morning but I can’t see anything

    Mmmmhhh cats*hides*. You’re a pussy cat guy *ahem* the last time I owned a pet I became a bush doctor and butchered it.

    I’m still waiting for my dose od bikey and breath taking stuff. This shrinky is good but the motor bike stuff is better


  4. it’s official, your blog hates me. Ama it’s cos i was bad mouthing your pussy cats.

    So you’re a pussy cat person *hides*. Rest In peace my cat (he faced hell on earth)

    I still need my monday biker fix so jot something on bikes. This shrink like mambo jumbo makes me get the sniffles


  5. mmmmhhh so you’re a pussy cat person *hides*

    the last cat my bro and I ever owned ended up to be our greatest enemy. We tortured that poor creature.

    Sawa, now that it’s all out there, where is a bukey story. I need to update my bike journal and get a Monday fix. This shrink like stuff makes me *sniff* go back to the basics. Let me see if I have enough tissues to get to number seven


  6. mmmmhhhhh i guess this is the best place to ask if you’re a pussy cat person….how many cats do you have again?

    This is a good insight though. where is my bike story…i can leave without this shrink like stuff and spooky while at it.

    write a bikey thing…please


  7. Hey just gone through your blog roll and i like! No. 6 won me over….. but made me hungry at the same time.Now where can i get an eclair asap!


  8. Yaaay you did it 😀
    Now let’s chambua yours, I like no.2, since now you can read my palm and tell me what to and not to do … yah, so when’s our date?…lol
    Just like @colouredinsepia, I cannot stand cats, leave alone pets. The best I can do is just touch their fur (which makes me sneeze in the end – allergies), I can’t carry them, I usually feel like I’ll squash them … hehe clearly I have pet issues.
    No.6 I can relate.
    No.4 You’re a sour loser … bad bad bad!…hehe


    1. @kawi, I think the Lord has it right for you in Jerimiah 29 v11, my palm reading can’t top that. Cats ain’t squishy ,just got bit by a kitten …painful. And I ain’t a sour loser, I rarely back down at unjust adversity.


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