The DR

……. At first sight.

Even before  i met her i had heard of her outstanding reputation for being, trouble-free . Of course, it should go without saying that effort and hard work  is the key to that, and i thank the Lord he  made my life easy in that regard. She is  remarkably friendly , well designed (nice curves), bila-stress, smooth as ice and twice as nice.

Nothing’s perfect, though…

When i saw her , i thought she would be taller , when i heard her i thought she would be louder. But i will say this , she was a looker , still is.

She has been through a lot. The men in her past have not been good to her . Here i come in hero to the rescue .

The Trade In

The guy who brokered the deal  brought us together was as shifty as they come , not well  at all known for his clean deals , so why was i even talking to him ? Well i wanted to move on up with as little effort and expense possible and this was too good to pass up.

Her current man wanted to dump her and employed his services to do so as fast and pain free as possible.

So we swapped my then lady for her .

Darn it i felt i got played then , well i dont think so now . We have been together for the last two years and Lord knows i have put in a lot of time and resources on her to get here .

Ignore her to your peril , so i learned. There was a time i got too busy for her , work and school commitments . Eh , she left me on the side of the road , luckily it was just a 3 km walk home . As i said , nothing’s perfect.


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