Gym – Found

Aaaaaahhh , relief! Finally found another gym. And its Awesome , bigger than my previous gym (takes up a whole wing) . Better and newer equipment , and even better all for the same monthly subscription fee.

Motivation , oh thats in plenty . My gal crush from my prior gym made the transition with me ,( can i get a yeah!) Now to upgrade from smileys 🙂 to actual speech .

Still on motivation , on day one met this seriously buff dude called Ali ,  who did a full body work out in only an hour in the gym , intense and paced , wow! So we got talking and he linked me up to a  5 week , 3 workouts per week,  beginners full body workout program , and am loving it.

Goal , to look like this dude above in a year or four , got introduced to supplements too , Creatine and Whey protein . But the prices are crazy , 9k for 2kg jar of Creatine powder , 7-8k for same size Whey protein jar.  And this is about 30 servings of each , so that will last me 6 weeks and cost 15k ?? sigh!

And last but not least , the gym is only a 10 minute ride from my place of work , so i continue borrowing a little more of my employers’ time over lunch.


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