Gym – The search

So the gym I have been training in for the last 3 months closed today!  Sigh!
Sad , so sad. Without delving into specifics ,the spoilt brat who was in charge run it down despite the numbers and revenue.

I loved that gym.  The trainers became my pals, the cute receptionist/aerobics trainer my chase gal (you should have seen us running around the gym after each other) ….he he he

The guys my training partners, and then there is this one really really fly dreadlocked chic who is to die live for , had a supa high-school esque dreamy crush on her. Used to draw Smileys against her name on the register 🙂 , chew a brain lock when we happened to be in the gym at the same time …yaani weeee, yuko juu Jo!

The gym was a 10 minutes walk from my office and was responsible for I being MIA from work 12-2pm Mon to Thursday …really hope by boss doesn’t read my blog.

Yaani I had my very own ka social circle at the gym.

Now it’s gone, sigh! and I have to start all over na vile I dread making new friends, too much effort not enough dividend. Unfortunately I have to get a place to train at by this Tuesday.

I have been spoilt. I ain’t joining any old gym. It better have cardio machines (treadmills, cross trainers etc) ,free weights ,training machines, steam, yaani the works.

So the search begins

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2 Replies to “Gym – The search”

  1. A great gym that works for you with wonderful staff and buddies is worth finding and keeping… It may take a few tries but in the end its worth it all. You both have a healthy mind and body, that is cool and we all should learn from you…. Thanks for sharing. A post that motivates!


  2. I finally found your blog. Hmmm not bad at all.
    Heheh sorry for the demise of your beloved gym.
    Is that why you have been MIA like that? Oh, wait, that is explained in your previous post.
    Like everyone else said, just take the first step and it’ll get easier. The first step is usually the hard part, but after that the rest just flows.
    Wish you the best.


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